I’m using the apple pencil on Ipad and work with a lot of abbreviations. So every-time I write one, it will be replaced with whatever is the closest match in the English dictionary. I can work around that by adding the abbreviations in the user dictionary (settings - general - keyboard - text replacement). So I often find myself going to this setting to add a new abbreviation. I would like to make this a bit easier by creating a shortcut that can do it for me. So far, all I can do is a shortcut that will take me to the “text replacement” page :


It’s ok but I wish I could just ask for input and push this into the user dictionary all through the shortcut.

Is there a way to do this?


I'm trying to do something similar, @remyfra. I'm trying to build an iOS Shortcut that I can schedule to update the date of a custom text replacement in Settings.

Does anybody know of a programatic way to edit the individual Text Replacement entries? The closest I've gotten so far, like remyfra, is to use a shortcut prefs:root=General&path=Keyboard/USER_DICTIONARY to open the Settings page. Ideally, I'd like to access and edit the "jgdate" entry in my USER_DICTIONARY.

Settings/General/Keyboard/Text Replacement - user dictionary entries

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