While updating Audio Hijack I foolishly replaced an older version of the application with a newer version while the application was running. In my subsequent attempts to solve the problem I am describing, I used AppCleaner to remove the newer version of Audio Hijack and some additional files and manually deleted all other versions of Audio Hijack from my system.

Now it seem that because of this, I am hearing the sound input from my AirPod mic output to my AirPod speakers.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I booted into safe mode per another user's suggestion and found that my sound inputs/outputs function normally. I play audio on Youtube, can hear the audio, and do not hear the mic input along with it. The user I mention suggests there may be a "3rd party app/kext" causing the issue. Here is a screenshot of all kexts in my System/Library/Extensions folder. I chose to post this question before I make more foolish decisions by deleting kexts I do not fully understand.

It's worth mentioning that my MacBook Pro running 10.15.6 does not have a built-in microphone or built-in speakers after a tragic accident involving water. However, I have not had issues with my AirPods before today.

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