I have attached a pages document (.pages) within a note (on MacOS Notes App).

When I open the pages document from that note though, if I try to make changes it says the original document could not be edited, so a duplicate has been created. Why is this?

Also, if I open the original document within pages, make changes, and save the changes, these changes are not there if I open the document from within Notes (at least not within a few minutes?

Does anybody know if this is an issue on my end (perhaps a permissions problem), or is it how the app is just coded (I think the might be the latter... I have a suspicion when I attach the .pages document Notes maybe is just storing a local snapshot or something).

Also, in case it is an issue with how I am doing this, here are my steps to recreate

  • Open Notes
  • Make a new note
  • Open pages
  • Make a new document in pages (type whatever in it). save it.
  • Go to the document in Finder. Drag the document to the note.
    • (Alternatively, I have tried Using Edit-> Attach File... In Notes. Same behavior)

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