I have an external drive plug into mac os, in which i install linux on, for a dual boot of linux and macos. I am running MacOS Catalina 10.15.7. Everything works great, except one major flaw with human error. The amount of times that I have accidentally formatted my external linux installation with disk utility or the dd command thinking it was my usb stick, is countless. Same goes for my bootcamp installation. Upon either of these accidental erases, I obviously have to reinstall and reconfigure my linux os all over again which is extremely time consuming.

My question is, Is there any way in macos catalina, to prevent certain external drives from being erased or formatted (or even DD'd) from both disk utility as well as the command line? Are there any sort of options, or config files, plists, settings, etc. to make MacOS automatically identify my linux drive, and force it to be read-only and unformattable while plugged into my mac? Is there any failsaif mechanism that I could create to stop any accidental formatting of a specific drive no matter what drive number (disk1, disk2, disk3, etc.) it is in MacOS's device tree path?

Any help is appreciated!

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