Is it possible to create or edit iOS Shortcuts using something other than an iOS device?

I've created a shortcut that rolls on a table and provides the output of that roll. Entering in 100 entries on my iPhone is rather painful, especially as there are a dozen or so tables I'd like to program. If I could edit the shortcut's definition as JSON, XML, or whatever on my Mac and then import it back into the Shortcuts app, that would be wonderful. Is this possible?

I've never used XCode but is that a possibility if text editing is not?

I have the complete list of table entries in plain text format already, if there is some other approach rather than retyping all of them.


Currently this is not possible, unless you want to edit it in a plist format as states by @grg, but you could use an application called ScPL to write your shortcuts, then convert it to a .shortcut file and import it. There is also Shortcutor, however it is a paid app.

  • Thanks - ScPL does the trick!
    – raindog308
    Dec 16 '20 at 0:37

Shortcuts are just property list files. You can edit these in Xcode, but there's no documentation of course! Rename the file extension to .plist and open with Xcode.

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