When putting a folder in the Dock, clicking the folder shows the folder icons with previews of the content inside.

file icon preview

Is there any way to hide them and just show the regular file type icon? I tried pressing Command-J with the Finder folder open and unchecking "show icon preview", but that seems to not affect the dock folder.


Have a look at: Organize files in stacks on Mac - Apple Support

From the Use stacks in the Dock section:

  • Change how folders look: Control-click the folder, then choose how the items in it are sorted, whether to show it in the Dock as a folder or a stack, and how to view its content (such as in a grid or fan).

A screen shot of my stacks on the Dock

enter image description here


If you have a folder on the dock, you can right click it and click "Folder" under "Display As".

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