I have a MacBook Air 2014 with Bluetooth 4.0 and I’m considering to buy AirPods Pro. I assume that it makes sense to promote an accessory with the lowest standard they're compatible with, and AirPods Pro are promoted with Bluetooth 5.I can’t find answers to things like does Stereo sound or Spatial Audio require 5.0. The Wikipedia article only mentions iOS devices.

Will a macOS 4.0 device compromise AirPods features in any direct way?

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Yes, AirPods Pro will work with a MacBook Air 2014 and provide stereo sound. You will not, however, enjoy Spatial Audio, that is reserved for iOS devices only. See this support document for specific requirements regarding spatial audio.

  • I didn't doubt that they "work". But to what extent? Stereo? They're promoted with Bluetooth 5. I guess it would make sense to promote them with the lowest Bluetooth standard they're compatble with; so, am I missing out on something when I can only offer Bluetooth 4? Commented Dec 5, 2020 at 14:37

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