My Mac crashes somewhere between once per day and once per week, when I have too many applications open. When I start it again, then I'm unable to scroll up, on my external Logitech Mouse. Scrolling down keeps working - it's just scrolling up.

I can get it to work again, by rebooting my machine and clearing the PRAM (holding down CMD + Option + P + R upon startup). So I'm pretty certain, that it's a software-issue.
However once, I got it working by simply reboot. And another time I tried that the clearing of the PRAM didn't solve it. But then I did it again, which then solved it. Really wierd!

Here are some facts:

  • It has happened about 20+ times so far, and it's always scroll-up that won't work.
  • It's not every time it crashes, but I'd say 80% of the times. My gut feeling tells me that it has something to do with, if I have been scrolling, when it crashes.
  • I have tried several different mice-models, and this is the only model it has happened with. But I don't want to switch mouse-model, since this is the best mouse across all other areas.
  • The built-in touch mouse works as it should. It's only my external mouse (the scroll-up feature) that doesn't work.
  • I've tried reconnecting the USB-cable. And the USB-cable is connected to an adapter, and I've tried reconnecting that as well.

I'm looking for a way where I can 'clear the driver cache' for the mouse? Are there any such thing?

System specs:
Mac OS: Catalina, 10.15.6
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016)


I just discovered that it happens with the the Mx Anywhere 2s Logitech mouse as well.

Man, this bug is annoying!

  • What makes you think that something called "the driver cache" is at fault? If that is the only mouse it happens with it is more likely to be a problem (hardware) with the mouse itself. – Steve Chambers Nov 30 '20 at 22:30

I just got it working with the Mx Anywhere 2s mouse without rebooting (!), by first uninstalling:

  • Logitech Control Center
  • Logitech Options
  • Logitech Unifying Software

And afterwards installing only Logitech Options again. By the way, I used CleanMyMac to uninstall the application and preference panes, since Logitech drizzle them all over your Mac.

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