I got this annoying garbled text after I had updated to MacOS Big Sur (Version 11.0.1). I came across this problem immediately I got updated and opened my chrome. it looks like this:enter image description here

I also found something interesting. all the Latin letters changed into its next letter in order. and the space " "is changed into "!". For example, the text over my avatar is "Zpv!boe!Hpphmf", but the orginal is "you and google". like "you" goes "zpv", "and" becomes "boe" . I think that's wired! I also got another thing that I wanted to mention. when I highlight the garbled text, it will get normal. enter image description here

I tried to solve this tricky problem. First, I rebooted my Mac, but it didn't work. Then I changed UTF-8 which is a default encoding to ASCII, however, it was not helpful. Finally I called the Applecare, apple's technique support. She is very kind and she tell that I should wait for next Chrome's update. I think it will be OK although the garbled text makes me inconvenient. Now I got crazy because I browsed a webpage and it's also garbled! I'm sure I can't ignore it any more.

enter image description here

My question is what can cause this and how can I solve it. Thank you advanced.


This is a font issue, causing characters to be shifted by one (somehow!).

Uninstall Roboto from your system.


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