I have over 130+ artists with 1000s of tracks all sorted and with valid metadata externally to the Music / iTune app on my Mac (Catalina). The folder layout is Artist / Album / CD in Album (ranges 1-12 currently) / Tracks (e.g. 01 - Composer - Track Name.p4a)

When I import the artist / track, Music does not apply the artwork even though its in the track metadata and stored as Folder.jpg in the source folder. The latter works on a couple of music players and Volumio on the Raspberry under the TV :-)

I'm happy to delete the whole Mac music library and start again if needed.

Though I can, if needed, hack around in Python, I'm not an Apple script creator. I could go through the whole lot and manually link the jpg to the album but does anyone know of an easier way?


Turns out if you leave it about 20 minutes and exit out of Music and go back in it sorts itself.

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