I want to delete the cache of the Microsoft Teams on my Macbook Air.

Please let me know how to do it.

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    It's in ~/Library/Caches/com.microsoft.teams. Can I ask why you want to delete it though? – JMY1000 Nov 27 '20 at 9:04

There are multiple locations with Teams cache files:

If you remove just those, you don't need to login again, so the following Terminal commands would work:

rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/com.microsoft.teams
rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Application Cache/Cache
rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/blob_storage
rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Cache
rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/databases
rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/GPUCache
rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/IndexedDB
rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/Local Storage
rm -rf ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams/tmp

For those who prefer a solution outside Terminal:

  • open Finder
  • open the 'Go' menu, choose 'Go to Folder...'
    • (or alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Cmd+G)
  • enter ~/Library/Caches and press Enter
  • delete the com.microsoft.teams folder

enter image description here

  • Similarly, go to the ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams folder and delete these folders:
Application Cache/Cache
Local Storage

Teams stores caches in the following locations.

  • ~/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/Teams
  • ~/Library/Caches/com.microsoft.teams

Remove these folders using Finder to empty the cache.

  1. Quit Teams.
  2. In Finder, choose Go → Go to Folder and paste the above paths.

You will have to log in again after deleting these folders.

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