I have a 128GB SSD Samsung Model MZ-JPV1280/0A4 from my 2015 MacBook Pro Retina and I would like to reuse it in my new PC (ASUS Vivobook Pro, with Core i7 7th Gen, Nvidia GTX 1050, 16GB RAM) where i have done a partition of 50GB for popOS (Ubuntu).

I would like to exploit the power of the SSD as external disk. Is it possible? How?


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To use any of the Apple SSDs as an external drive, you will need a USB Enclosure just as you would for any other drive. You simply need to ensure that the enclosure is compatible with Apple's SSD interface - check the specs of the enclosure!

That said, given the extremely low price point of off-the-shelf SSDs (not proprietary Apple) and the very high prices Apple SSDs fetch on the secondary market (eBay, Gumtree, etc.), you are better off buying a new regular SSD and selling the Apple SSD to someone who needs it for their Apple machine. You'll likely make a nice profit.

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