I use my MBP with 3 displays (the MBP display itself, plus two external monitors).

Whenever I disconnect (or close) the MBP, and reconnect it later, the "Desktop 1" (and its additional fullscreen spaces) always ends up at the same monitor, which is good.

But the other two ("Desktop 2", "Desktop 3") regularly switch between the second monitor and the MBP display. I'd say it happens more often than not, but have not statistically measured it. Then I have to manually move all the windows between those two displays, very annoying.

Is there a way to tell it to absolutely stick the desktops where I want them?

There are quite a few similar questions here already; but those seem to be mostly concerned with non-"desktop" spaces, which are different (for example one can move those extra spaces between displays, which does not seem to be possible with the "Desktop X" default spaces).

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