I have a pdf document with an even number of pages, say 2n, and I would like to split it into n documents, say pages1_2.pdf, pages3_4.pdf, ....., pages2n-1_2n.pdf, each of which consists of 2 successive pages. More precisely, for any i in the interval {1..2n}, the i-th file should consist of page 2i-1 and page 2i of the original document.

pdftk does not seem to have a dedicated function but I think that with a for loop this could be achieved.

Could you please help me in writing the right script? Thank you in advance


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There is an app called PDFsam. SAM stands for split and merge. There is a free Basic version of this app and you can set the pages to keep together. You can split every n pages. It should do what you want without coding.


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