I recently just bought a slew of apple products, including an iPhone 12 Pro and an 8th gen iPad. This is the first time I've used iOS devices as daily drivers and I've been warned a few times not mix up the wall adapters for the iPhone and iPad as they draw different current. However, it's a bit confusing as they look identical.

I figured the small text on the charger would give me the info I need to discern between the two, however they appear to be identical as well. They're both model A2305 with the same info on input and output voltage and current. The only difference is the long string of characters after the Made in China notice. One ends with AP and the other with AH.

Do the newest generation of iDevices use the same wall adapter, or was a perhaps given a bad adapter?

  • The letters AP or AH have no bearing on being the "right charger" from a user perspective. The only thing that matters when selecting a charger is that it is equal to or greater than what is specified in the Tech Specs (that and you're using the right one for your country's mains). The iPad Pro says "18 Watts" so that means any charger that has at least 18W will work (i.e. the 91W MacBook Pro charger). – Allan Nov 23 '20 at 3:17

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