I'm trying to disable System Integrity protection on BigSur 11.1 OS which is a VM on Fusion 11.x. I'm trying to boot machine in recovery mode, however VM is unable to get cmd + R keys and booting ends up with normal booting.

I have Catalina 10.15.7 installed and SIP is disabled in it, in case I upgrade to BigSur, will SIP still be disabled?

If not, any other way to disable the SIP on BigSur?


Last time I updated my Mac from macOS Catalina (10.15.5) to Big Sur Beta 1, SIP was enabled again. But I can't ensure you that it will work.

I found this on Google.

  1. 'Power on to firmware' from the Virtual Machine menu

  2. Select 'Enter Setup'

  3. Boot from the file

  4. Arrow down to Recovery HD

  5. Hit Enteruntil you can pick boot.efi

  6. Select boot.efi

  7. Hit Enter and you should now be able to disable SIP.

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  • There is no boot.efi in the Recovery HD for Big Sur. – David Anderson Nov 22 at 12:44
  • There is no 'boot.efi'. there are many files named 'bootbase.efi.xxxxx.yyyy' and 'boot.efi.xxxxxx.yyyy' where 'xxxxxx' and 'yyyy' are hexadecimal combination. – Bharat Pawar Nov 22 at 12:59
  • I should add the following. If you can create a bootable installer for macOS, then you could use tama's answer. I use VirtualBox and was able to use this method to disable SIP. Also, if you have an ISO installer file of El Capitan or newer macOS, then you could boot the ISO from the virtual optical drive. – David Anderson Nov 22 at 14:04

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