Every time Apple release a minor macOS X update, for example (Supplemental, or Combo, or Security Update, etc), I usually visit https://support.apple.com/en_US/downloads and I download the dmg file and I push the package to all my Mac(s) and I am good to go.

But sometimes I am having issue in searching for a specific update that Apple released.

I give you a practical example:

Using the link that I provided you above, how do I find and download one of these two packages? I tried to type in a different way but nothing is coming up. Of course I can type macOS Supplemental Update 10.14.6 but the result is not what I am looking for.

    Safari (14.0.1), 67518K [recommended]
   * Safari14.0MojaveAuto-10.14.6
    macOS Supplemental Update (10.14.6), 67310K [recommended] [restart]

Thank you.

  • A Google search for "macOS Supplemental Update (10.14.6)" found this - support.apple.com/HT201222 - but I think there is a way to do this from commend line these days… I just don't know it ;) – Tetsujin Nov 21 at 12:07
  • @Tetsujin thanks but yeah it is not the same. – Fabio Viola Nov 21 at 13:51

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