After upgrading to Big Sur, calendar notifications on Mac OS have become harder to dismiss. The notification appears in the upper-right of the screen, and to dismiss it, one must hover over the upper-left of the notification to cause an 'x' to appear, and then click on the 'x'. Subjectively, I find it tedious to dismiss the notification: the zone where I have to click seems small and requires fairly precise work with my mouse.

Is there a faster way to dismiss the notification? Perhaps a keyboard shortcut or some other trick?


This is a really good question - I am bothered by the same issue. I Googled, and found this exact topic, posted here about 6 years ago.

Can macOS have a keyboard shortcut to dismiss notifications?

There's a pretty good discussion about this, and I downloaded the "Alfred" workflow solution since I own the app. The alfred-notification-dismisser by zakyum on GitHub is located here.


You can drag notifications off to the right to dismiss them.

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