Big Sur is horribly broken in so many ways, making it impossible to do basic things. For example the finder's search:

  1. Typing something will show nearly random results that mostly have nothing to do with the search request
  2. Opening any item will open a totally random file on the harddisk, not the one shown (!!!)
  3. The files shown have weird icons, for example a PDF is shown as a folder, which it is clearly not
  4. the lower bar shows the file path, which is totally wrong. the file selected file is NOT inside the files, in NO case ever.

To me it looks like they are using a totally broken node-tree below. Like searching against an index that doesn't represent the actual data set.

Has anybody an idea how to fix ? I need to find files for my job, but cannot anymore, because my $5000 computer is not even able to find files anymore. Shame on you, Apple!

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    With all understanding, this sounds more like a rant (as deserved as it may be), and not a question – WhatHiFi Nov 20 at 20:23
  • Yes ;) And it's deserved. For me it clearly sounds like a question (I'm hoping to let other people find this via SEO) – Sliq Nov 20 at 20:39
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    When you need your computer to earn your living, best to not do such updates without a bootable clone of a working system you can go back to. There are always bugs or apps that did not get updated on time and will not work right . – Tom Gewecke Nov 20 at 20:44
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    @TomGewecke: I think your comment is interesting. I've been using computers for a while - started with Macs about 10 years ago. I don't recall ever seeing buggy software and poor documentation pushed out at the rate now coming from Apple. Frankly it seems irrational and out of control. – Seamus Nov 21 at 4:52

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