Prior to installing Catalina, I updated Oracle VM to version 6.1.16. Now after successful OS upgrade my Windows 10 VM is not working.

Oracle VM error

  • From what I can tell it is a file not found error. You may need to go into virtualbox settings and re-add the VM files. – Steve Chambers Nov 20 at 20:40
  • Ok user did find files will give settings in VM a try thx – Steve Acuna Nov 24 at 14:15
  • Steve Chambers how do you do that? re-add files to VM settings – Steve Acuna Nov 24 at 17:30
  • Virtual Box > VM > Settings > Storage. See if re-selecting the drives there help. you can also edit the .vbox settings files with a text editor. You just want to edit or remove items that are no longer there. I am only a casual user. you might be better off on the virtualbox forums. – Steve Chambers Nov 24 at 18:03

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