I have a MacBook Pro 2018 and after upgrading from High Sierra to BigSur, I sometines can't log in after putting my Mac to sleep with ControlCommandQ.

I don't always have the issue and can't exactly reproduce it, but sometimes, after locking my Mac with CtrlCommandQ, when I enter my password and click Enter, the login screen freezes. I can move the mouse, can interact with the Touch Bar (for example, play music).

Does someone have any idea how this issue could be fixed without a fresh install?

  • I think that is something with authorization service, etc..Because I wanted to upgrade VMWare Fusion and the wizard asked me for Password and after that, the APP was stalled – kbu Nov 20 '20 at 19:07
  • I have something very similar and also suspect it is connected to authorization issues. I myslef don't use control keys to make the mac sleep, but for the last (approx) six months, after automatic sleeps I experience a 30% chance that on wake I will see the log in screen (except the password box) and can control music, volume, see notifications (but not interact with them), but get an eternal spinning wait cursor and am never shown the password box. – KesterKester yesterday
  • The reason I think there is a connection with authorization is that the onky other wierd thing that the computer does concern s changing passwords on sites where keychain access has stored things. There I frequently (though not always) get a 20 second spinning wait while the machine does trivial operations (like populating an old password) during prior to an attempt at a password change. This has not happened to me prior to the last few months, and is definitely not right. Ties in with the login issue to, as that is to do with passwords. – KesterKester yesterday

I am also having this issue. So far it looks like giving it more time to “wake” before entering password helps a bit for me. And there are already other people seeing the same problem with old macOS releases, so I guess Apple will fix it. see here: Macbook Pro stuck after I enter my password

  • I tried to wait to wake up approximately 3 hours without any results... – kbu Nov 21 '20 at 14:05
  • I've noticed, that if use only fingerprint sensor, the problem disapears...will test a bit more – kbu Nov 24 '20 at 10:33

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