Microsoft pwsh stores its artifacts (scripts and modules) in the ~/.local/share/powershell.

I've noticed that Spotlight doesn't index the content of this folder.

Is there a way to get Spotlight to index selected, hidden directories?

** edit **

I have a symlink on my desktop to the powershell directory:

$ ls  -al ~/Desktop

lrwxr-xr-x   1 me  staff      36 Sep 24 08:52 powershell -> /Users/me/.local/share/powershell

This does not appear to have any effect on the indexing.


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Spotlight doesn't index dot files or folders. A workaround is to rename the folder and then symlink it back to its original name:

mv ~/.local/share/powershell ~/powershell && ln -s ~/powershell ~/.local/share/powershell

Make sure the destination of the move doesn't already exist.


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