I have had a mt Apple watches for 4 years now (first a series 2 now a series 4) and I always have the following issue: When I active Siri on the watch with my AirPods connected to iPhone (and listening to audio) the following happens:

  1. Siri is activated on the watch
  2. AirPods connect to the watch causing audio playback to stop
  3. Siri waits for the AirPods to connect (taks around 3-5 seconds, sometimes longer)
  4. Siri is ready for input
  5. After input the AirPods don't switch back to the iPhone causing met to take my phone and connect/play again

Is there any way to disable 'Magic Audio Handoff' to the watch? I tried disabling handoff all together in General but this does not seem to stop de AirPods from jumping over.


Try unpairing the AirPods from the watch. To do this, on the watch go to settings -> Bluetooth click the "i" next to the AirPods and click unpair.

  • I'm afraid that this is not possible. The AirPod's are linked using iCloud. When I try to unlink them I get the message: Removing this device will remove it from all your devices on your iCloud account – GeistInTheBASH Nov 20 '20 at 9:54

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