I'm using my 16' MBP (I bought it december 2019) for development (.NET Core). I experience that when I compile the code (the machine has 6 CPUs, htop shows 12 threads, so the compile can use up to 12 threads) I hear a 1-2 pop sound from the hardware. In the last a few months I could isolate when it happens.

During development the CPU temperature (CPU PECI) somewhere between 70-80 degree Celsius. When it compiles it goes above 95+ degree Celsius in 1-2 seconds and that is when the popping sound happens. Only 1-2 pop only.

Here is the strange thing. If I keep up the temperature above 90 (I run multiple compile or just run tests) then there is no popping sound. But, if there are a few minutes between compiles, so the CPU can cool back down and it gets a load again (another full compile) the 1-2 pops sound comes back.

My assumption is that some parts around CPU dilate due to temperature and makes this pop sound. I can't decide whether it is good or bad. My mechanical engineering background says that it is not a good sound because there are some mechanical stress in the system.

I used multiple MBPs in the last a few years, all of them were the 15' models with the butterfly keyboard, the last one was the heavy player with 8 CPUs (16 threads) and none of them did this sound or similar.

Has anyone experienced this?

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