I have been using Atom for many months on Macbook (now 10.15.7), but in the past week or so, its window has started disappearing more and more often.

If I right-click on a file, and then Open in -> Atom, or click the Atom icon, I do not see the application window. + Tab shows Atom, but choosing Atom does not show the application window.

The Atom menu does appear at the top of my monitor (see screenshot), but with relevant options disabled: For example, the File menu does not show any open files, nor the option of opening a file.

I have two external monitors, and sometimes an application will be off-monitor except a small fraction of the application window, but I cannot find such a fractional window.

I tried uninstall/reinstall; I tried unplugging external monitors; I also tried various Hide/Show options in the Atom dock right-click menu and the main Atom menu; but am still not seeing it.

How can I show Atom?

enter image description here

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I had the same problem right now. I then found the Atom windows reduced to a pixel-thin line at the bottom left of the screen. I could expand them from there.

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