In Big Sur the notification toggle in the menu bar is now the clock.

I am currently using iStat Menu to display the clock in the menu bar, so it looks bad having two times in the bar.


enter image description here

Is there way to set Big Sur notification back to the Catalina icon as before?


In terminal, write:

defaults write com.apple.menuextra.clock IsAnalog -bool true

Not what you want but close enough as it makes it a single clock icon Analogue clock

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    You don't have to use terminal to do this. You could set it as an analog clock in System Preferences > Dock & Menu Bar > Clock settings
    – AVelj
    Nov 17 '20 at 10:19
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    The OP asked how to remove, not change its appearance! Nov 17 '20 at 11:45
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    Er, no OP asked how to change it back to the Catalina icon. At least this way the menu item is a single icon and yes, it’s easier to change it in the GUI. Nov 23 '20 at 22:22
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    @BigSurClock Please have another look.Question title is "How do you remove the time from the menu bar in Big Sur".
    – null
    Feb 6 at 23:24

There's no way to do it now because the time serves as the button for showing the notification center and the widget view. Hope it gets fixed in the future.

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    Apple UI design is for corporate Apple first, the user is much lower priority.
    – null
    Feb 6 at 23:26
  • It’s true that most people react negatively when they feel they’re not the target demographic @null I doubt this was optimized for one zip code in California, but maybe I’m missing why this would benefit them.
    – bmike
    Mar 31 at 10:20
  • Hi @bmike. I admit it wasn't clearly written. Premise: Apple is willing to give poor end user experience to sell more to corporate clients. End user actually pays for the system. Notice how Apple allows you to remove every other item from the right hand side of the menu bar, except notifications, that one Apple forces you to keep. No choice. Why would that be the case? Corporate customers demand forced notification features to nag their staff to perform OS updates. No disable. Nag, nag, nag. Rather than let end users disable the nagging, Apple performs the kowtow to the corporations wishes.
    – null
    Apr 2 at 1:18

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