I downloaded ringtones from iTunes a couple weeks ago. I don't think I ever synced my iPhone since, but I did have to reset my iPhone due to an application crash.

When I got my iPhone restored from a backup, my ringtones were gone and the only way to prove that I ever had them was through the receipt that Apple sent to my email account.

I tried finding them on "purchased" in my iTunes account but there was nothing there.

How can I retrieve my ringtones?


Found over here:

With iPhone connected to computer:

  • In iTunes menu select "Store," then "Deauthorize Computer"

  • Then select "Store," then "Authorize Computer"

  • A message will pop up saying "X out of X Computers are Authorized" or something to that effect.

  • Sync iPhone

  • Restart iPhone, go to settings, sounds, ringtones. Purchased ringtone should be on top.

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