Summary: How do I correct Siri's pronunciation of my name and have that pronunciation apply to all members of my family?

I have an unusual last name. (Call it "Weirdlastname", pronounced "Smith".) Unsurprisingly, many members of my family share the name and I have many of them listed as contacts in my phone. We all pronounce it the same way.

Siri mispronounces the name. I know how to correct the pronunciation on a contact-by-contact basis (see How do I get Siri to pronounce my name correctly?, for instance), but that process doesn't scale.

One solution suggests using the phonetic last name field. I don't want to have to repeat that thirty times.

Another solution goes through Siri to teach it how to pronounce the name. This doesn't scale either - Siri asks me for each contact to choose pronunciations for both the first and last names. I don't need to correct the first names - Siri has no trouble figuring out "John" and "Mary".

What I am looking for is a way to tell Siri one time: "Weirdlastname is pronounced Smith, everywhere it occurs, preferably even for contacts I have not added yet." Is that possible to do?

iOS version 14.1

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