I have Mac OS Lion, version 10.7, and after my screensaver activates, sometimes I can no longer click anything successfully.

I'm using a Magic Mouse with almost full battery.

These things still work:

  • Moving the mouse cursor
  • Right-clicking things

However, when I move the mouse cursor over something that's clickable in the browser, I don't see the hand cursor. Also when I mouse over the right-click context menu, the rows don't highlight in blue.

I can't click in to any window, menu bar, or desktop item. Switching to another virtual desktop doesn't help. When I did move to another virtual desktop, I noticed that there was a bandbox selected on the desktop that was still attached to my mouse movements, but when I right-clicked it went away and the mouse still doesn't work as described above.

The only solution right now is to logout. I haven't installed any drivers on this machine, it's a brand-new Mac Mini that came with Lion on it.

I'm running these programs: * MacVim * Adium * Google Chrome * iTunes * iTerm latest version

These are the same applications I run on my MacBook Air with Lion installed, and I never get the same problem even with a Magic Mouse connected.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I also have a Magic Trackpad connected, and it continues to work fine. Clicking with it doesn't un-jam the mouse, though.


It seems that disconnecting and reconnecting the mouse works.

Does anyone think the mouse is defective?

  • Sound like that may be the problem. I would suggesting trying the mouse on another computer and see if it exhibits the same problem. – MrDaniel Feb 16 '12 at 15:17
  • After several months this hasn't happened again. Odd. – Neil Jul 28 '12 at 15:51

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