I use a Mac and have artwork I would like to add as images to sound .mp3 file.

I am aware that I can create a .mov file using QuickTime media player which is already built-in on my Mac, but I’d just like to attach art, not translate the whole file into a new format.

What tools or scripts or apps can do this task?

  • With the Music app on MacOS you can right click on a song and select "Get Info", then a popup opens and you can select "Artwork", on the bottom you see a button with "Add Artwork". Feb 12 at 15:17

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There are several places you can do this:

  • within iTunes. Simply right click, select Get Info, then select the artwork tab and select “Add Artwork”

  • from Get Info (Finder). Right (Option) click the file and select Get Info. Choose Artwork, then select Add Artwork. Select the art work you would like to embed.

  • in VLC. Go to Media Information screen CommandI which will bring up a window of all the tags including artwork. Simply drag your artwork to add it.

  • via a tag editor like Music Brainz Picard. You can easily add the Artwork by dragging it to the artwork “field” in the editor and save it.

  • command line via ffmpeg

    ffmpeg -i musicfile.mp3 -i coverart.png -c copy -metadata:s:v title="Album Cover"-metadata:s:v comment="Album Art " musicfile.mp3
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    I tried both approaches using Finder and VLC. none of them worked (I have macOS Catalina). I looked through all menus and cannot find any way to add the track cover to the tracks. Can you please add more details to those instructions? "Choose Artwork", "Add Artwork"? Where are that menu options? I use VLC as default player for my mp3s if that matters.
    – okram
    Nov 6, 2020 at 9:14

Hi mate are you trying to show the album cover in Finder? If so you can have a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8HO0Otah5I and it works for me.

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