I would like to use a convenient keyboard shortcut for the context menu that is typically accessed by right clicking. Instructions for updating are here:


To change the name or action assigned to a key, switch or facial expression, double-click the item in the list, or select it, click the Action pop-up menu , then follow the onscreen instructions.

Here is that dialog:

enter image description here

Clicking on the ⌥ Option and then F12 while right clicking brings up :

enter image description here

But which keys are permitted? I tried ⌘ Command; and see:

enter image description here

(Note that F11/F12 are possible - but they're a bit of a stretch for my hands so I was looking for something closer to home row.)

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You're not going to be able to assign a complex keyboard shortcut to the Accessibility/Alternate Control Method. The reason for this is to simplify the process of right clicking, not to remap it to something else.

From Apple Support:

We build powerful assistive technologies into Mac to give people with physical limitations more ways to be creative and productive. Switch Control lets you navigate what’s on your screen with a single tap. And a range of settings let you adjust interaction sensitivities for an experience that works for you.

What this is looking for a a whole different device (like a key switch device) that where the user presses a button, it will be mapped to something else. You can use the function keys, but you'll have to un-map them first (F11 and F12 aren't mapped, so they're "available.")

... they're a bit of a stretch for my hands so I was looking for something closer to home row.

Finding something on the home row is really not feasible.

  • ⌥ Option and any of the charachterss on the home row are already bound to unicode characters: åß∂ƒ©˙∆˚¬…

  • ⇧ Shift⌥ Option as well: ÅÍÎÏ˝ÓÔÒÚÆ

  • You may have some luck with ⌘ Command⌥ Option and assigning it a shortcut, but is this really easier than a single keypress like F11?

You could "make" a separate device with a USB or Bluetooth Ten Key (Number Pad) and with USB Overdrive or ControllerMate program one of the keys of the keypad as either right click or left click.


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