On ios devices photos are stored in heic. I turned on the option to "send originals", so when I send a photo from my phone to my mac, it is in heic format. The conversion is only necessary once in a while when some website requires jpg-format. For my own purposes I'd like to stick to the more efficient heic-format.

What ways are there to convert photos heic to jpg on macos? Assume the photo is on the mac file system. For solutions I would be specially grateful if you could take into account the following preferences:

  1. Software that is available on macos by default
  2. Software available on homebrew
  3. Other ...

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  1. Open the HEIC with Preview.app
  2. File > Export...
  3. Format: JPEG

In batch:

  1. Select all the desired HEIC files in Finder at once (using shift + click or dragging)
  2. Right-click > Open with > Preview
  3. Use shift + click (or dragging) in Preview to select all the files in the sidebar
  4. File > Export Selected Images...
  5. Click options in the bottom-left of the dialog
  6. Set the format to JPEG
  7. Navigate to the location you want to save the new JPEGs
  8. Click "Choose" in the bottom-right of the dialog

Command line (ImageMagick)

brew install imagemagick
convert IMG_1234.HEIC image.jpg

In batch:

for file in *.HEIC ; do convert "$file" "${file%.HEIC}.jpg" ; done

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