Running the apache webserver on mac Catalina. If I do

tail -f /var/log/apache2/error.log

I can access the full list of messages produced. I have a lot of [:debug] messages like this one:

[Thu Oct 29 16:09:29.185993 2020] [:debug] [pid 1709] mod_hfs_apple2.c(397): [client ::1:54896] mod_hfs_apple: Allowing access with matching directory. filename = /Users/***/Sites/***/index.php, referer: http://localhost/index.php

I'd get rid of while searching for php messages only like this:

[Thu Oct 29 16:09:29.188124 2020] [php7:notice] [pid 1709] [client ::1:54896] PHP Notice:  session_start(): A session had already been started - ignoring in /Users/smartred/Sites/global_functions.php on line 3, referer: http://localhost/index.php

Is there a way to hide the first type of messages or stop these events from being logged?

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