I start Anaconda Python 3.7.6 and run scripts from iTerm2 using macOS 10.15.7.

A few times a week iTerm2 suddenly freezes, and I have to use Quit from the application and start it again.

  • I loose some of the "backarrow history" which is troublesome for me.
  • I also worry about potential security issues.

I use matplotlib 3.1.3 all the time and I know there are some issues. So far I can't exclude it from the list of possible causes.

From this issue I have found this explanation how to start a log, then I have to wait until the bug happens again then toggle it again to save some log.

  1. Are there other logs that are generated automatically that I could read?
  2. Are there other logs that I should generate?

update: I have supposedly just captured an issue. I restarted iTerm2 then toggled and clicked "ok" or affirmative on the dialogue box and it told me to look for /tmp/debuglog.txt and send it to the developers.

I can't find that file anywhere.

enter image description here

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