We have some NFS mounts we place in the fstab, via "vifs" which we want to manage separate of the autofs subsystem. The mounts were created in a separate location (/mnt) which should not be managed by the automounting system. But it appears that no matter where you place a mount, somehow the autofs/automount subsystem grabs ahold of it and tries to remount it when you unmount it.

This is a big problem and I'm trying very hard to figure out why and how to fix it. I wonder if there is a flag in the /etc/auto* files that might have to do with this? Something else?

Does someone know how to get around this annoying behavior.


  • I do have a similar problem! I mounted manually in my home folder (~/Projects/mnt) a NFS share, and somehow the some service grabbed that mount point and keep on remounting it with an annoying popup when I am on a different network. If you find the solution, please post it :) – Huygens Feb 17 '13 at 9:25

I'm not sure if this will help you. If all your looking to do is save the connection information, finder will solve that problem. http://support.apple.com/kb/TA22243 Just add it your list of favorite servers and it's point and click. The information appears to be outdated, but I'm sure the process is still similar.

I just checked and there is another way to mount NFS shares:

$cd /net/"ip or computer name"

and browse the shares.

You can easily write a script to do this for you. I can confirm that the above method does work, because I tested it in Lion, and I read about this technique in a book I think is based on Tiger/Leopard.

EDIT: Here is an output of my /etc/auto_master file

# Automounter master map
+auto_master        # Use directory service
/net            -hosts      -nobrowse,hidefromfinder,nosuid
/home           auto_home   -nobrowse,hidefromfinder
/Network/Servers    -fstab
/-          -static

I'm guessing you would delete the last two lines according to the manual. [Disclaimer: I have never tried this]. Here is a link the auto_master documentation.


EDIT: http://lowendmac.com/ed/winston/09kw/intro-to-autofs.html Here it describes the last two entries

The last two lines in auto_master handle NFS mounts defined in the /etc/fstab file, the common file system mount table in Linux and other Unix flavors. The /etc/fstab file is deprecated in OS X and not recommended. I would try commenting them out one at a time and see if that helps

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    Let me clarify, the behavior I'm looking for is for a standard fstab entry. But reading around, it seems that somehow OS X ties in the autofs and network mounts such that it will grab anything in /etc/fstab. That's all fine and good, but when I go to manually unmount, it happily remounts (as automounter does) and I don't want that behavior. It's really irritating. :-) If I umount something manually, I expect it to STAY that way until I mount it again. – Forrest Aldrich Feb 20 '12 at 0:58

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