I want to install a startup item in OS X Big Sur which runs a shell script as a user on my machine and connects via ssh to a remote machine I maintain. I use ssh keys so no password is required for this script to succeed. It will linger in the background. How would I accomplish this in Big Sur? My understanding is that the old /Library/Startup Items/xxx.plist trick is deprecated. What is used in its place?

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    Also a potential dupe: apple.stackexchange.com/q/249446/119271 launchd has been the preferred way to run scripts (at any time, not just at login) since cron was deprecated. Whether it's Mavericks, El Cap, Catalina, or Big Sur, launchd is the preferred way to go. – Allan Oct 23 '20 at 21:29

Don't have macOS Big Sur yet; however, in previous version of macOS there is System Preferences > Users & Groups > you > Login Items, or use a Launch Agent. (I assume these methods are still available in macOS Big Sur.)

Have a look at:

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