It's quite easy to setup your iPhone as a microphone for the Mac using IDAM, but I'd actually want to do the opposite. Instead, I'm trying to send audio from Logic Pro X to my iPhone. Essentially, I want professional audio coming out of Logic to be the mic input on my iPhone.

Here's my setup. I have an SM58 connected via XLR cable to a Scarlett Focusrite audio interface. This interface is the input device within logic. I'd like the Logic output device to be my iPhone.

enter image description here

Ideally this would work, but it doesn't since IDAM doesn't allow the iPhone to be used as an Output device:

enter image description here

So in Logic Pro, I can't select "iPhone" as an output device.

enter image description here

Is there some alternative way that I could get audio from Logic Pro X to my iPhone? Thank you for the help!

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