Can the native iOS NFC reader be used for simple notes? I can program all tags with links, actions etc. As soon I store a simple text the native reader just won't read the tag.

  • The question doesn't make sense. The NFC reader can only read/write RFID tags. What you do after that is up to your application. This also sounds like a development question. Maybe Stack Overflow?
    – Allan
    Oct 21, 2020 at 16:57

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Yes - you could embed the notes in a database and trigger display from the encoding on the tag.

If you’re writing specific content into an NFC and asking how the OS handles arbitrary items, we might need a substantial edit to the question and possibly move it to a different site, but many apps do this.

Apple has code ready to run, frameworks, WWDC videos and more on how the capabilities and hardware and software work together.

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