I'm using the fairly old version 9.3 of Mail.app on a computer running El Capitan; I just set up my Gmail account with it, and it seems to be correctly syncing.

For organization purposes, I would love to have a smart mailbox that simply contains every message not in another specific mailbox (edit: that is, a folder), which I'll call A. The problem is that I don't keep any messages directly in A -- I keep them in A's sub-mailboxes (sub-folders) B, C, etc, and the sub-sub-mailboxes of those in turn. So the smart mailbox is not very useful.

Is there any way I can make my dream a reality: A mailbox that only lists messages that are not inside Mailbox A at any level?

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A Smart Mailbox with the rule Any recipient does not contain [email address of mailbox A] should work. The use of subfolders shouldn't impact this.

Or just add Account [accountName] for each mailbox that you DO want to include (excluding mailbox A).

  • Hmm, I probably shouldn't have used the word "mailbox" -- Apple uses it to refer to what would normally be called a folder or label. So I don't think what you're talking about should work, but thanks!
    – Lenoxus
    Commented Oct 20, 2020 at 15:31

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