Goal: automate the sending of a private message, the text of which is stored in clipboard, to multiple users through an online engagement platform. Here's the setup:

  1. Each person I wish to send the message to has a unique URL in an Excel column.
  2. When the cell with the hyperlink is mouse-clicked, a web browser tab opens up with their profile page.
  3. On that profile page is a "message" button that must be clicked, at which point I have text in a clipboard manager for the subject line and the body of the message itself.
  4. A pre-drafted email copied by way of a clipboard manager. Through keyboard shortcuts, I can select either the subject-line or the email body and (through keyboard shortcuts), then paste the respective text into this web-based "email" utility/private-message thingy.

Any suggestions on how I should go about setting this up? You folks have been so wonderful helping me with basic automations on here in the past. Note: I have Keyboard Maestro just downloaded. I never used it before. I also have brew, cliclick on here. My past automations were created in Automator but I'm open to any easy way to accomplish this task. Note: I don't know code so will need some degree of coaching on this.


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