In a save as file dialog box in the Application Krita, some of the buttons are underlined with a letter. In Windows, if your press alt and the underlined letter, this presses the button. Is there anyway to do this in the Krita dialog boxes such as the save dialog?

From OSX keyboard shortcut for pushing button with underlined character, I am beginning to think that the underlines are usually for Windows, yet one user suggested we share the name of the app we are using. (Thus I mention Krita)

I see that I can use the tab key to move around within a dialog box, but I just want to use those underlined letters. (How to interact with dialog boxes using keyboard that appear not to allow keyboard interaction?)

I am also not asking about Menus here, which are really easy to use in mac (Is it possible to enable underline keyboard shortcuts and access keys?), but rather the dialog box buttons.

Is there some trick for hitting underlined letters in crossplatform apps like Krita on the Mac? I have searched on Google with several combinations of "alt underlined keyboard shortcut mac and windows" and I cannot find anything on this subject. It would be nice to just have a definitive statement that these are just red herrings and ignore them. Or better yet if there is a way.


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