I am looking for more movement leeway and thinking of using a mouse with my MacBook. But physically pressing a mouse key to left click is not that nice an experience after the trackpad. Is there a macOS supporting mouse that accepts tapping as a left click on it (just like in the trackpad)? Would the upcoming magic mouse models support this feature?

  • I don't like tapping to left-click. On trackpad it is far slower than simply a pressure click, and more prone to misclicks, and on a mouse you have to levitate your finger? Either constantly or just before clicking. Either way it forces a larger and more tedious range of motion, more conducive to rsi, and is also more prone to misclicks. Oct 12, 2020 at 11:07

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There is software called BetterTouchTool that allows you to customise input devices, including to add "tap to click" to a MacBook Trackpad or Magic Mouse.

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