Once in a while, my volume slider gets corrupted. Sometimes I fiddle with things and it fixes, other times I just deal until I come back to a rebooted computer and it's fixed.

When I adjust my system volume, it doesn't get as loud or as quiet as it used to. I'm not confident when it started, but some time in the last several months. It's as if there's a different slope algorithm for the output volume indicated by the slider.

Right now, roughly the middle 1/3 of the volume slider does what I'd expect it to. Outside that region the rate of change per tick is almost imperceptible. The minimum volume (let's say 1%) is very audible and far too loud. The maximum volume (100%) is not loud enough -- barely louder than 2/3 up the slider.

Here's where I looked:

  • system volume -- matches slider
  • Music.app
    • Volume level -- seems fine
    • "output device" -- "computer" selected
  • System Preferences > Sound
    • Output Volume -- looking for a "sound check" type thing, but didn't find anything (is there?)
  • Bluetooth
    • CODEC - option-click menubar bluetooth icon, AAC is active not SCO

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