Everything went well when I upgraded from iOS 12 to iOS 13, except that some iOS-macOS High Sierra synchronizations stopped working, or stopped working in full capacity.

Before upgrading to iOS 14, I'd like to know. What apps will stop working (as) well between iOS and a macOS MacBook that cannot be upgraded beyond High Sierra. Is the list announced by Apple? Have you seen a list compiled by reporters?


As much as I'd love to see examples of good dual-OS apps written by independent developers making it possible to do a bit on macOS, continue from iOS (under the same appleID), then return to macOS, etc, the only good ones I've seen and use are the ones written by Apple.

So to make the question specific. Does upgrading to iOS 14 break any of the following?

  1. Notes, e.g.:
  • Add a shopping list on macOS. See it on iOS when you're shopping
  • Take a photo on iOS. Add the photo to a note. Pick up the picture on macOS.
  1. Photos, e.g.:
  • Add photos to your list of favorites on macOS. See them on iOS.
  1. FaceTime, e.g.:
  • Receive a phone call on iOS. Answer with headphones on macOS.


  • Honest question: how can anyone put such a list together with the thousands of available apps? – fsb Oct 4 '20 at 15:12
  • It's a valid question - but, yes, the answer might be tough to find. Perhaps if we limit it to Apple services? This has happened before, when iCloud structures have changed & older machines were left behind. – Tetsujin Oct 4 '20 at 15:35
  • @fsb Good point. I took it for granted that we'd be talking about Handoff -type of apps, those written by Apple and built-into the two OSes. Clarified/made more specific. – Calaf Oct 4 '20 at 16:16

I'm running iPadsOS 14.01 on my iPad Pro and Catalina on my iMac. Notes appears to work fine. I haven't tested everything but I did add a picture and it immediately showed up in Notes on my ipad.

I also haven't tested all the options in Photo, but pictures i take on my ipad appear on my iMac as well.

Factime appears to work fine as well.

Again I haven't tested all the options but all 3 seem to work on my iPad Pro and my iMac.

  • There was a somewhat big jump between High Sierra and Catalina, so your experience on Catalina may not be too representative. – Calaf Oct 5 '20 at 1:45

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