I have 3 column in a numbers sheet

(A) Text | (B) Currency | (C) Tickbox

At the end of (B) Currency, I have a very basic formula SUM(B)

What I'm trying to do is to have the same SUM(B) at the footer of (C) Tickbox but only add to the sum the value (in B) when there is a tick (in C)

E.g : Exemple

my understanding is the ticked box are Boolean "true" and I need to use a kind of IF statement but I'm not sure how to SUM B only if C is true

I tried the following but obviously, it's not working : IF(C1:C13,TRUE,SUM(B2:B13))

PS I might need to do the other way (count when tick-box is not ticked, but I assume it's the same but using false instead of true)


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Ok I believe I found the answer

it's seems a simple than this :

SUMIF(C, FALSE, B) (C for checkbox and B for currency)

Obviously False when I want to calculate when the tick-box are not ticked and true otherwise

  • Did you have to convert the last row to a Footer Row for that formula to work? I did, but it just may be because I'm using an older version of Numbers (5.1 (5683)) Oct 3, 2020 at 16:15

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