How can I make Terminal, using ZSH shell, display username@machine current_folder % in bold? I know it has to do with editing PS1 variable in zshrc file located in /etc folder. I have tried that, I added %B, like this PS1="%n@%m %1~ %# " => PS1="%B%n@%m %1~ %# " but that sometimes makes also output of some commands bold.

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Just terminate the bold text after the current working directory with %b

PS1="%B%n@%m %1~%b %# "
  • Thanks, but what ultimately has worked for me is: PS1="%B%n@%m %1~ %#%b ". Your solution did not make the last % character bold.
    – yssup
    Commented Oct 3, 2020 at 9:34

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