I like the concept of hot corner actions but the trigger time for hot corner actions is too quick for me to make good use of them. I keep tripping my corner actions accidentally while reaching for objects in that general vicinity of the corner.

Is it possible to extend the trigger time for hot corner actions? So I have to hover in the corner for at least a second or two before the hot corner action triggers?


I do not know how do delay the triggering, but you can add modifier keys to the hot corners in order to avoid accidental activation:

Hold down ,, or ctrl while selecting an option from the list.enter image description here

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    Curse you gentmatt! I was just writing the same answer! :( (Related: SE's "new answer posted" notice is really helpful. I ultimately didn't waste the time on an answer someone else already gave.) – Jason Salaz Feb 13 '12 at 18:46
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a bit late, but I guess relevant...

I was stuck with the same issue of adding a delay, NOT a modifier key.

Well, there's a workaround.

In the corner you want to use as a lock after a short delay, put Start Screen Saver in the Hot Corners dialogue, instead of Lock Screen. Then go to Security & Privacy and under General, set 5 seconds delay in Require Password after...

And you're done!

  • Thanks! I know this is beside the point...but I just needed to vent that unfortunately 5 seconds is not small enough. I just want to prevent the accidental activation of the hot corner (like 1 second needed...maybe 2 max). Now, I have to wait 5 seconds to make sure my screen saver stays on before walking away so someone doesn't "accidentally" bump my mouse and have access to my machine. – jbobbins Jul 4 at 1:12

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