I need to duplicate and rename an image using a list of SKU codes from a spreadsheet as the unique name for each image. I have used the script from this answer Automate Duplicating and Renaming Images. I removed the filename line and changed "$line-$filename" to "$line". It works almost as expected but adds a ? to the end of every file, so it isn't saving as a .png, rather it saves as a .png?.

How do I get rid of the question mark...is there a simple fix to the script below or is it an issue with the txt file of SKU codes? Is it an encoding issue? Thank you so much.

    while read line
      cp $file "$line"
    done < $prefixes

Your txt file probably has DOS/Windows-style line endings, which have a carriage return character at the end of each line (in addition to the linefeed that unix-style text files have). Unix tools generally mistake the carriage return for part of the line's content, and I suspect that's the extra character getting added to the filenames. You can check with file prefixfile.txt (or whatever the filename is); if it says something about "CRLF line terminators", this is the problem.

If that is the problem, you can have the read command strip the extra character with:

while IFS=$IFS$'\r' read -r line

Explanation: The read command will trim whitespace at the beginning and end of lines. Whitespace is defined by the contents of the IFS variable. Using IFS=$IFS$'\r' adds carriage return to the list of whitespace characters, so read will trim it.

Messing with IFS is generally a bad idea, since it can have weird effects, but in this case the assignment is a prefix to the read command, so it only affects that one command. This makes it much safer.

  • This fixed the issue. Thank you very, very much. – Hebbison Sep 27 '20 at 23:45

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