I found it very frustrating that CMD+TAB switches only between applications and not between windows of the same application.

If I have several windows of Safari open, CMD+TAB will show only ONE instance of Safari. I know that SOME applications support CMD+` or something like this, but not all of them, some applications have also different keys shortcuts. I usually set up my key shortcut in preferences as "Move focus to next windows" and sometimes work, but for example, Terminal doesn't accept it.

It's very frustrating, is there a way do move fast between windows? I also thought that swiping to another desktop was cool, but again, one application with all its windows can stay in only one desktop...

  • Terminal works fine with the default key command, or even if you change it to a custom one [even though it says 'Cycle through windows' in the window menu, rather than 'Move focus to next window'.]
    – Tetsujin
    Commented Sep 26, 2020 at 17:06

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Use Command + ` to rotate between windows of the same application.

Use Command + Tab to rotate between applications.

I'm not quite sure why you find some apps don't support it - I've just tested and it works for me - perhaps it's bound to another action for those applications?

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