I have a hidden user on my neighbours MacBook pro which I user to manage some scripts for backing up his huge media library, he is a music producer and is technically challenged I used the sudo dscl . /Users/xxx -create .... IsHidden to hide my user and the system preferences / Users to move the home directory to /private/var/hiddden/... so far so good, I can ssh in to manage the cmd line stuff and rsync jobs I can't log on using the gui though...

default 03:12:05.709613 +0100   screensharingd  Authentication: SUCCEEDED :: User Name: paddy :: Viewer Address: :: Type: N/A
default 03:12:10.803429 +0100   SecurityAgent   no record name: paddy
default 03:12:22.583579 +0100   SecurityAgent   Looking for user "paddy" with UID (-1) on node "/Search"
default 03:12:22.591238 +0100   SecurityAgent   no record name: paddy
default 03:12:22.591282 +0100   SecurityAgent   No user list was generated by the search for "paddy" with UID(-1) on node "/Search"
default 03:12:22.813423 +0100   SecurityAgent   User info context values set for paddy
default 03:12:22.813463 +0100   SecurityAgent   Unknown user "paddy" login attempt PASSED for auditing

Any ideas?

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